Tsalani is an accomplished storyteller, photographer, and instructor. Exploring and sharing his story, Tsalani works to connect people with nature, foster conversations about conservation, and diversify the outdoors.

Inspired by the natural world Tsalani is known for capturing powerful landscapes, raw untamed wildlife, and delicately balanced human adventure.

His journey to nature has motivated him to encourage other minorities and underrepresented communities to get outside and pursue interests they may have believed were unattainable.

Currently, Tsalani travels full-time in his Mercedes Sprinter van. Living on the road he has adopted a minimalist lifestyle and has learned to appreciate life and everything the planet has to offer.


My mission is to inspire minds, spread awareness, and encourage individuals to experience the great outdoors while being mindful of their actions and influences. I aim to spread the crucial message that our environment and the many species it inhabits are in grave danger due to human actions (and in some cases, inaction). The goal is clear - I want to encourage people to explore the world in an intimate and personal manner, in order to provoke real change.